'The Legend' T.James Logan talks with stars and villains from independent wrestling.

Who won the CNWA magzine awards for the year? Why won't the Legend even talk about the team that finished second runner up in the vote for Tag Team of the Year? Does anyone remember the Stomper? Join hosts the Legend T James Logan and Mr. Beefy Goodness Vance Nevada as they tour around the CNWA talking all kinds of news and discussing CNWA magazine pics for awards for 2012. Did they agree, disagree, or violently argue.Learn the origin of the infamous PJ Laws Vs KC Andrews for douche bage of the year poll.Listen in as the guys talk about Bobby Sharpe, Raven Lake, Tyler James, Massive Damage, Bambi Hall, Matt Fairlane, The Heavy Hitters, The Magic Carpet Mafia, The Breakers, The Big Sexy Beasts, Matt Xstatic, Mutato, Mentallo, Kat Von Heez, Sydney Steele, Marty Sugar, The Great Kasaki and many more!

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