'The Legend' T.James Logan talks with stars and villains from independent wrestling.

Every week The Legend T James Logan talks one-one-one with the stars of indie pro wrestling from across North America. Why do indie pro wrestlers do it? For their fifteen minutes of fame, for the fans and for the love of the sport.

In this episode we are starting off a new feature: "On the Road With Chief Attakullakulla". Listen in as one of the most hardworking indie wrestlers in America talks about his travels on the road.

Coming up in a future episode is a new segment in Gut Buster Radio where Dan Kroffat answers your questions on pro wrestling. Ask us your questions on our Facebook page and Dan Kroffat and The Legend T James Logan will answer them.

Dan Kroffat


The original ‘Cowboy’ Dan Kroffat was active in the NWA and Stampede Wrestling in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Trained by Stu Hart he went onto solo and tag team championships. In today’s episode Dan Kroffat talks about the life of a wrestler both during and after their time in the ring.


YouTube - Dan Kroffat vs Archie 'Stomper' Goldie;

Gutbuster Trivia: if you search YouTube for Dan Kroffat you will most often come up with videos of Phil Lafond who wrestled under the Dan Kroffat name for a few years.

Ladder Match on Wikipedia – Origins and history of the ladder match crediting Dan Kroffat as the inventor back in 1972;

Slam Sports Wrestling - The untold story of "Cowboy" Dan Kroffat's hostage taking and shooting;


This episode is sponsored by CNWA Pro Wrestling TV on DVD. In 2013 the CNWA promotion in Alberta closed its doors. Some of the stars of indie pro wrestling that went head to head in these shows will never be seen in the same ring ever again. But you can relive the excitement of those match-ups through CNWA Pro Wrestling TV shows on DVD. You get the full shows and you also get extras such as promos, interviews and non-televised matches. Visit www.cnwawrestlingtv.com and order yours today. Include the promo code GUTBUSTER and shipping is FREE!. 


Jessie Belle Smothers



Facebook – Jessie Belle (Jessie.bellringer);

Twitter - @1jessiebelle;

YouTube – Jessie Bell Smothers Vs. Mickie James (Covey Pro) Nov 11 2011;

YouTube - NWA World Women's Title: Kacee Carlisle vs. Jessie Bell Smothers - NWA Smoky Mountain;

YouTube - Popular Mickie Knuckles & Jessie Belle Smothers videos (YouTube playlist);


Instagram – 1jessiebelle85;

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