'The Legend' T.James Logan talks with stars and villains from independent wrestling.

In Episode 10 of Gut Buster Radio we get super sized with three great interviews. This week The Legend T James Logan talks with Kenny Omega, Johnny Devine and Danny Duggan.

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Gutbuster Radio - EP9 - Good things come in 3's

On today's show our host T James Logan delivers three interviews with pro indie wrestlers. In today's show we have:

1. Mr. Ken Anderson - WWE and TNA superstar

2. Rene Dupre - Wrestling in Japan

3. Jesse Neal - WWE and TNA and now Indie Wrestling headliner

Quote of the week:

"...payday was a hot-dog and a handshake sometimes..." Mr. Anderson


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In this episode the Legend T James Logan is joined by Mac 'The Mic" Collins from the RCW office as they give their take on the action in the ring.

The Legend T James Logan interviews these RCW Stars before and after the show:

  • Andrew Hawkes
  • Bobby Sharp
  • Darin Corbin
  • Dog Pound with Steven Stiles and Cujo
  • Rene Dupree
  • Jese Neal
  • Evan Adams
  • Leon Grayson and Travis Cole
  • Slammer
  • Zac Mercury

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The Legend T James Logan gets the word from behind the scenes at this sold out show from Revolution Pro Wrestling "Legends of Wrestling" on November 22 2014.

In this episode:

  • Justin Lark - Co-host
  • Nite
  • Tyler Colton
  • "The Last Action Hero" Wesley Pipes
  • Alexander Prime
  • Heavy Metal
  • Big Jess Youngblood



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T James Logan talks with the stars of Art of War from Revolution Pro Wrestling in Edmonton.





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