'The Legend' T.James Logan talks with stars and villains from independent wrestling.

From Your Mothers Basement Podcast – get your nerd on when the Legend T James Logan is joined by Hawk & Dove to discuss pop culture – TV shows, movies and anime.+


In this episode:

The Flash


That Poppy


The Gifted

Fairy Tail

Darker Than Black

And More!

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Live from PWA Fall Fever - T James Logan with What About Ivan . . .



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"Last Pure Athlete" Jordynne Grace with T James Logan at a recent CWE show in Springbrook. 


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T James Logan talks with the Nikita Koloff.

Nikita Koloff, especially as a heel, was a monster in the ring. With his large stature, bald head, ominous glare, and guttural Russian language, Koloff was not someone a fan wanted to meet in a dark alleyway. However, within a few years of his debut, Koloff ended up turning face, and becoming one of the most beloved heroes in pro wrestling.

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The Legend T James Logan sits down with Danny Duggan, Ton Kozina, Tyler Colton and Silas Young after a recent CWE show in Springbrook. In this roundtable discussion they discuss traveling tours, nutrition and being professional when working as a pro wrestler.

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GB Radio EP 15 - Silas Young and CWE Tour

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T James Logan talks with Jordynee Grace about the upcoming CWE Nightmare on Elite Street Tour - coming Springbrook (just south of Red Deer) on August 8.

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The "Legend" T James Logan talks with the tag team Billy Blaze and Dick Blood known as Blazin' Dck

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CWE coming to Medicine Hat, Calgary & Red Deer April 24,25,26



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The Legend T James Logan talks with Kenny Omega about wrestling in Japan. This episode of Gutbuster Radio was recorded back in 2015 at an RCW show. For more Gutbuster Radio and Gutbuster TV visit our website at:


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The Legend T James Logan talks with pro wrestling great A.J. Styles back in 2014 before his big move to the WWE.


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