'The Legend' T.James Logan talks with stars and villains from independent wrestling.

Gutbuster Radio Episode 1 – It’s our first time – so please be gentle!

The Legend T James Logan talks with the stars of independent pro wrestling

June 10, 2014

Our first episode of Gutbuster Radio and our host, The Legend T James Logan is talking one-one-one with the stars of indie pro wrestling from across North America. This is the inaugural episode of Gutbuster radio and The Legend talks to two stars working hard in Canada.


Ravenous Randy Myers

The first guest in this episode is someone T James knows well from many years of covering the indie wrestling scene in Alberta. Have you heard of the infamous Hart Dungeon? (click here for a YouTube documentary “Surviving the Dungeon – the Legacy of Stu Hart). Listen to how Ravenous Randy Myers took a beating in the Hart Dungeon as part of his early training in wrestling.


ECCW – Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling, Vancouver Canada;

Facebook – Randy Ravenous Myers;

Twitter - @Ravenousrandy;

IMDB - 'Ravenous' Randy Myers;

YouTube - ECCW - Ravenous Randy Entrance Video 2010;



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Kaitlin Diemond

The Legend T James Logan talks to our second guest for the first time. Kaitlin Diemond is well known to many fans of Lady’s Pro Wrestling – in Canada, America and Mexico. Kaitlin Diemond is young in years but a veteran of the squared circle. Listen in to the second half of the show as T James Logan makes a new friend in ‘The Anti-Diva’ Kaitlin Diemond.


Facebook – Kaitlin Diemond;

Twitter - @kaitlindiemond;

YouTube – PWA Wrestling: QFG Clock Challenge - Kaitlin Diemond vs. Jewells Malone;

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