'The Legend' T.James Logan talks with stars and villains from independent wrestling.
Gutbuster Radio Episode 2 – Other sports are a game, wrestling is life!

The Legend T James Logan talks with Mr. Athletic Jeff Cobb and The Great Cheyenne

Every week The Legend T James Logan talks one-one-one with the stars of indie pro wrestling from across North America.

“Mr. Athletic” Jeff Cobb

First up in this episode is “Mr. Athletic” Jeff Cobb from California via Guam and Hawaii  who made the switch from amateur wrestling to pro wrestling.



Facebook – Jeff Cobb;

Twitter - @MrAthleticJCobb;

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This episode is sponsored by CNWA Pro Wrestling TV on DVD. In 2013 the CNWA promotion in Alberta closed its doors. Some of the stars of indie pro wrestling that went head to head in these shows will never be seen in the same ring ever again. But you can relive the excitement of those match-ups through CNWA Pro Wrestling TV shows on DVD. You get the full shows and you also get extras such as promos, interviews and non-televised matches. Visit www.cnwawrestlingtv.com and order yours today. Include the promo code GUTBUSTER and shipping costs are on us. 


“The Great” Cheyenne

The title for today’s episode comes from The Great Cheyenne quoted in the interview in the second half of the show. Listen in as she talks about her commitment to her career in pro wrestling.



Facebook – TheGreat Cheyenne;

Twitter - @thegr8cheyenne;

YouTube – The Great Cheyenne Highlight Reel (TheGreatMalaki channel);

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